FREE Printable Valentine's Day Card

I'm not opposed to spending $6 on a beautiful letterpress Valentine's Day card, (like this lovely one from Ink Meets Paper) but my Valentine does not appreciate such things and, beautiful hand-crafted card or not, it will be headed for the garbage about 30 seconds after he opens it.  He's just not a card guy.  So, I've made my own for the past few years and share them with my darling readers with the hopes that *maybe* someone keeps theirs, or if not, at least you don't feel guilty when it's tossed in the trash since it's FREE! Here is this year's card -


You can download the free printable, with (super easy) directions, HERE, no strings attached* :)  You can also grab last year's free printable card here.



*Copyright ChelseyEmery | 2015.  These designs are for PERSONAL use only and may not be used commercially or resold under any circumstances.  Illustration by Blue Ink Studio.