Welcome :: A New Adventure

If you were directed here from my old site, 4th&Folded, let me be the first to say Welcome! Two years ago, when I started this business I could not fathom the idea of how both myself and my life would change with the addition of this little venture.  Like many businesses starting out I quickly conceived the name ‘4th&Folded’ one weekend, eager to put myself out there and capture my first customer.  Regretfully, I have never been attached to it like I should be.  I’m very passionate about my business, about creating and design, and feel that I should be equally passionate about the name that stands for it.

After much deliberation, I have decided that 4th&Folded will be no more, and in its place will stand Chelsey Emery.

I knew I wanted my new brand to be more of a reflection of myself, based on nothing more than everything I love and what I want to stand behind.  To me, that is simply Chelsey Emery, my namesake – as nothing else could better represent who I am, as a designer and as a person.  As you may have guessed, Chelsey is my first name, but in lieu of my last name, I’m choosing to use my middle name, Emery.  It is also my mother’s middle name and it reminds me (as she does) to be strong, independent and good; to work hard, play often and that life is too short to not have fresh flowers.

With the new brand and name change comes a new website, take a moment to peek around and see whats new, although we have lots of new content coming shortly!  The website changes (and future online shop) would not have been possible without the efforts of the talented Micheal Cain (one half of the Map & Menu duo) who has answered all my tireless questions and done all the background coding that I am clueless about.  Thank you Michael!

This new brand has been in the works since last July, (so if we have worked together recently you may have already had a little sneak peek!) but I had been putting off the launch (again and again) wanting to wait until everything was perfect.  Lately, I came to the conclusion that it will likely never be perfect, and thats okay, because as the Making Brands Happen girls reminded me, Done is better than Perfect

Although the name has changed, it is still the same great company with a commitment to making happy customers and delivering quality products.  We will have a online store shortly, and are always brainstorming new and exciting products, so check back often!

*all photos by the talented Meredith Perdue