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I first met Meredith on my wedding day, the main photographer we had hired was from out-of-state and she brought along Meredith as a second shooter – BEST THING EVER!  It has been over a year now and we still exchange emails on a weekly, if not daily basis.  I think it is impossible for someone to meet her and not immediately understand how passionate she is about her work, and how genuine she is as a person.   She is a very talented photographer, and I think it speaks volumes about both her and her work, that so many of her clients turn into friends.  If you are looking for a photographer, whether it be for a wedding, life in general, or to document a furry member of your family, make sure you check her out.  I have Meredith to thank for a number of the photos on the new site!

What prompted you to start your business?  Was there a major turning point for you?

 I began my business in March of 2009, when I opened my first storefront studio, just down the street from where I live now.  I shoot both weddings & portraits, focusing on the documentation of life’s unlimited connections.  There was no turning point for me- it was simply a desire to begin pursuing a lifelong passion.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I'm inspired by the human connection, and our relationships with those who we love.  Food & design blogs are also a big source of inspiration for me!  

What is your favorite part about your job?

 My favorite part, above all, is getting to know my clients.  Since beginning & unlimited in 2009, so many kind families & couples have invited me into their lives with my camera, letting me document their unique relationships; doing so is one of the most fulfilling & rewarding experiences.  Working in the medium of photography and being able to think creatively on a daily basis is, of course, another favorite!

What is your typical process?

I do my best to get to know my clients as best I can ahead of time.  I believe this makes everyone a bit more relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, and helps to create beautiful, natural moments.  After any shoot or wedding, I come home and backup the photos (in three places!) and begin my editing & post-processing work on my iMac.  I try to post a few of my favorite photos from each shoot/wedding on my blog as soon as possible, and within a few weeks, the photos are uploaded onto my proofing site for clients to share with their family & friends.  I always try to send a thank you note with my lovely 4th&Folded stationery afterwards too!

(this is her actual studio, isn't it gorgeous?!)

Do you have an online shop or website?

Yes!  My blog, which hosts my portfolio as well is:

Tell us about yourself!  Where are you from?  What do you like to do? Etc.

I live in a little beach neighborhood in South Portland, Maine with my boyfriend, Michael, and our black lab, Orvis.  My boyfriend, Michael, and I are relatively new to Maine, as we moved here two years ago after graduating from college.  Having both grown up in North Carolina, we were anxious for a change.  We've found that the overall lifestyle in Maine suits us quite well, and right now, I cannot imagine us living anywhere else!

Besides taking photographs, I love to laugh, read, and spend time outside.

What are two fun facts about yourself that others may not know?

I am totally addicted to Odwalla Chocolate Milk and I have the shortest movie memory of anyone in existence.

Aren't her photos fantastic?  If you are in need of a photographer, I cannot recommend her enough!  Make sure you check out her site for more drool enducing photos!

*All images credited to &Unlimited