Font Friday :: Mistletoe

Featured Font :: Mistletoe

I know the holidays just ended, but I couldn't resist sharing this darling font by BarlandMistletoe Font Duo is a unique blend of classic and modern. It's imperfect style jumps up and down, like a dance, with smooth and clean letters. 

I love the ball terminals at the end of the flourishes and that it comes with a simple serif companion font for easy pairing.

You can add Mistletoe to your collection for a mere $15, available here.

As you may have assumed I have a thing for fonts. They come in all shapes and sizes with elaborate swashes and elegant details. The right font can easily make or break a design. Every Friday, I’ll share some of my favorites and recent purchases here, hoping to inspire a typography addiction in everyone.
I try to keep my font sheet updated with recent purchases, but if you see a font you love on here and would like to incorporate it into your designs just let me know!  Some posts may contain affiliate links.