FONT FRIDAY :: Madelinette

Featured Font : Madelinette

You really cannot go wrong with any of the fonts created by Crystal Kluge for Tart Workshop, and this week's font Madelinette is no exception.

 Madelinette was written with a steel nibbed dip pen in black ink…she’s traditional. She looks perfect in grandmother’s pearls & sweater sets. Travels Europe on holiday. Loves Parisian food. Owns a tweed suit, plaid capris, a single pair of jeans and more shoes than she can count. [from]

This simple and classic font is reminiscnet of your grandmother's handwriting.  It is inspired by the Palmer Method, brought to the US in 1894 as an alternative to Spencerian script and is the basis for cursive penmanship for schoolkids.

Madelinette is already in my shopping cart as I write this, and can be purchased HERE for $39.

As you may have assumed I have a thing for fonts. They come in all shapes and sizes with elaborate swashes and elegant details. The right font can easily make or break a design. Every Friday, I’ll share some of my favorites and recent purchases here, hoping to inspire a typography addiction in everyone.


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I try to keep my font sheet updated with recent purchases, but if you see a font you love on here and would like to incorporate it into your designs just let me know!