FONT FRIDAY :: Katie Rose

Featured Font : Katie Rose

I know I’ve missed out on the past few weeks (okay maybe months!) of #fontfriday but I'm back this week with a clever little pick by talented illustrator and calligrapher Laura Condouris, under the name Trial by Cupcakes, called Katie Rose. She describes the font as ‘designed by a calligrapher to have an elegant, handwritten feel, without the fussiness of traditional calligraphic scripts’.

The best part is that despite being gorgeous and flowing, it still retains legibility at small and large scales (yay!) because sometimes all those swashes really make things at smaller sizes difficult to read.

Okay, I may have lied about that being the best part, the BEST best part is that you can scoop up this font for a mere $16!

In other exciting news, this will be my LAST #fontfriday post from this website, as we are finally launching the new brand and website on Tuesday!!

As you may have assumed I have a thing for fonts. They come in all shapes and sizes with elaborate swashes and elegant details. The right font can easily make or break a design. Every Friday, I’ll share some of my favorites and recent purchases here, hoping to inspire a typography addiction in everyone.

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I try to keep my font sheet updated with recent purchases, but if you see a font you love on here and would like to incorporate it into your designs just let me know!