Christmas Wish List for a 3.5 Year Old

Gift Guide for 3.5 Year Old Girl I always love seeing holiday gift guides, so thought I'd give you a peek at what is on my 3.5 year old's Christmas list this year:

1. C has been asking for an umbrella for about 6 months now; and is also due for a new Raincoat.  We went with this adorable Field Flowers print from Hatley.

2. We LOVE Playmobil toys.  My mom still has all our childhood playmobil toys and they have held up really well.  They tend to be a bit more of an investment than some other toys but the quality is fantastic.  I got the large Grande Mansion on sale at the end of the year last year and this is C's big 'WANT' - I can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning!  They also recently came out with this Romantic Dollhouse version and it is highly adorable.

3. Hula Hoop - yes, really!

4. Dress-up Things.  She prefers Anna over Elsa, and I grabbed this dress for her, along with some fun long necklaces.

5. Sneaky Snacky Squirrel Game - Yay for new games!  I'm ready for a few new ones to join the rotation and have heard great things about this one.

6. Sticky Mosaics - We've already done a few of these and love them.  They are a great QUIET matching-type activity that I find also helps with fine-motor skills (win-win!).

7. Puzzle - Ditto to the games, yay for new ones!  This one has a few more pieces than her current favorites.

8. Guitar - She's obsessed with guitars, both real and pretend.  C is fairly petite so I went with a ukulele rather than a true guitar and think it will be the perfect size for her.

9. BOOKS! We love books!  Some of our current favorites are: The 'Bear Series' by Karma Wilson (repetition and rhyming), and the 'Mr. Magee' books by Chris van Dusen (more rhyming).


Stocking Stuffers

Bubble Bath (Frozen Themed, of course), a Slinky (I can't believe I'm encouraging her to play on the stairs, but I think she'll really enjoy it), some new undies & socks (a classic stocking gift in our house), a movie, nail polish & lipstick (aka Chapstick), a small my little pony figure, a new toothbrush (also Frozen themed), a warm base-layer for outdoor play, and her favorite candy (Smarties!).

She's also getting this eeBoo letters & numbers matching set from our ever-so-practical dog :)


Whats on your little one's wish list this year?